We all have our own conception of a good game. However, there are some basics that any game developer has to respect in order to allow his game to be elected one of the good games. Let’s go through them real quick :

#1: Game Design

Define your game. What is the concept ? What is the content ? What are the mechanics ? This part is about the architecture of your game. You have to make an overall plan that can be understandable for all your team, whether they are developers or from marketing.

Understand your players, think of a game that will satisfy their needs, wether it be having fun, getting thrills, or learning things. Use your knowledge to create the perfect “game plan” that will serve your objectives, and make sure you have no doubt about it. If you doubt it, players will doubt it.

#2: Art

Graphics in a game are very important. Players can handle bugs if the game has beautiful enough graphics to make them forget about them. Moreover, good graphics will help you convey the concept of your game.

There are so many different type of graphics. Made for horror, fun, reflexion…using 3D, 2D, cartoon textures or more realistic textures… I’m no expert but this part is pure creation and it stops where your imagination stops (or where your wallet stops if you externalize the service).

#3: Programming

This seems obvious. Your game cannot see the light if no programmer can code it. And I mean code it well as nobody like bugs.

However, programming isn’t the most difficult part anymore if we compare it to old times when developers had no tools to facilitate game development.
Today it’s different. With Unity, Unreal Engine,… programming have been made easier and those languages allow developers to go further and realize more detailed game, pushing every game designs and concepts to the maximum.

Don’t be afraid of programming. Anything is possible. Just find the right team for your project, and with time, skills and patience you will achieve anything.

#4: Music

Do not underestimate the power of music. As it is essential in a movie to express the gravity of a situation or the joy that should feel spectators, it is also essential in video games so players can live your gaming experience to its full potential.

Of course, some players can enjoy your game with the sound at 0. But, if you want to make your players feel exactly what you wanted them to feel, music is the cherry on top of graphics that will immerge them into action, reflexion or whatever is the fuel of your game.

However, don’t mess it up. A wrong choice of music can make the experience worse that it would have been without music. Be wise when choosing, and get help from people who have a professional ear to be sure to make the right choice

#5: Make a smoothie of all that

You can either be a genius and master all the part I’ve just quoted, but then I guess you wouldn’t be reading this article.

For those of you who are humans, you should surround yourself with an experts on each of those fields. Indeed, those are really importants parts to make a game successful, and they are to be taken very seriously. Any glitch in this matrix and you can be sure that players will see/feel it, and then you will feel pain watching your metrics going down.

#6: Marketing

Same here. You either do it well, or don’t do it at all because you’d only be wasting time & money. If you don’t know what type of marketing to apply to your game, then do some research about marketing. Surround yourself with experts. Realize that you may have spent 1, 2 or 3 years developing your game, but if your marketing strategy isn’t good enough to attract your target players, then you may have worked all those years for nothing.

You now have all the keys. Make your game. But make it seriously if you want it to someday be profitable.