Seemba, as a company, is reaching not only to developers but also to youtubers and other valuable members of the gaming community. We recently got in touch with one Youtuber from Mexico, and directly got interested by her art and personality. Allow us to say a little bit more about her :

Grecia Villar is a youtuber, influencer, actress, voice actress, singer, cosplayer, crossplayer and sound designer for animated films.

Years ago, there has been the idea of combining her talents with another passion she has: video games. Titles like Skyrim, Twinsen's Odyssey, the Grand Theft Auto series, Starcraft, PaRappa the Rapper and many more have influenced her in different ways, from taste in music and stories to even her way of life.

Till this day, besides playing more recent titles that could interest her, like the Arkham series, Red Dead Redemption or Borderlands, she still plays the older generation ones to revisit their worlds and what made them so important to her.

Recently, she has been chosen to perform as the lead singer on a symphonic show, singing the themes of many different video game titles with a band gathered with other talented artists and the choir & symphonic orchestra Esperanza Azteca.

Grecia Villar will present this new show in Puebla, México, November 9, in the CCU auditorium.

We @Seemba, believe in video games future, and decided support Grecia Villar for this concert that we see as an homage to so many games that have marked the past years.

Amazing youtubers like her are part of the reason why video games are evolving this fast and appeal to so many people.

Through cosplay, singing, acting and numerous surprises, some lucky people are going to be able to revive emotions that they had while playing their favorite video games. We thought some of you out there would want to go !

Here is a link to buy your tickets :