The most important thing for gamers is the game itself and not its brand name. This said, there is a huge competition amongst video game companies, so to distance yourself from the crowd, you should use social media.

Here are some quick tips:

Choose the social media platforms:

Obviously, this is the first step to do to have a successful presence on social channels.

The most used platforms by gamers are Twitter, YouTube and most recently Twitch.

Order your creation:

First, choose your game name and/or brand name wisely so it triggers players curiosity and so they remember it. Then create your page and fill with the most relevant information and images you can. Whatever the social media platform is, pay attention to your profile/cover picture and make your page content entertaining. Don’t forget to link your other social media pages on each platform you have a page on.

Choose your community :

Defining your community is essential. Spend all the time you need in understanding your crowd, and later you will drag much more attention and sharing for each of your post.

There is no “better” community. Define the audience that best fits your games.

Focus on YouTube & Twitch :

Gaming has grown so important on Youtube that a specialized video game streaming platform has grown from this trend:  Twitch. You shouldn’t be afraid to ride the wave and try to contact youtubers and streamers to play your games on their channel. If you’re bold enough, you can even create your own channel provided you have a good enough concept to make it entertaining and valuable to the gamer community. Here are some tips if you start a streaming channel:

1.       Vary your content: You don’t have to post the same type of video all the time, your channel can be diversified : vlogs, tutorials, Tops, reaction videos…

2.       Event-related Video: Publish your video on time with particular events to get more attention and engagement from the gaming community.

3.       Optimize your videos: to get more engagement, make sure your video are HQ, and put some rhythm when editing your final content (cuts, music, sound effects, humor…).