Google has announced some new features for the android official publishing format, of which the features are no longer Beta and contain new delivery options. The Android App Bundle include more than 100,000 apps in production.

Benefits of the Android App Bundle :

-          Size savings up to 20% in most apps, which contribute to higher number of installs and updates.

-          Download and install are faster for the users since the app is tailored for every device by Google Play.

-          Play choose the targeting by device configuration so it’s easier to publish.

-          Using the Play console will give you extra reporting and optimization recommendations.

-          You don’t have to expand your app size to get 64-bit, you can just prepare the exigencies.

-          Users can get the latest app updates without closing it, by uniting the Play core library.

New delivery tools for game developers:

-          The compressed download size is up to 150MB, without using the expansion files.

-          Games include a huge game assets with personalized delivery options, also avoiding the use of the expansion files.

-          Give your customer the opportunity to try your game online before installing it, by creating an instant game.

The benefits for app developers

-          Make conceptions, create and evaluate independent dynamic feature modules to accelerate engineering velocity.

-          Modular app have a quicker creation time.

-          Distribute conditional features at install time build on properties.

-          You are able to add features when needed not only at the install time, also remove the features you don’t need.

The benefits for opting into app signing by Google Play

-           If you no longer have the upload key, you can put your Google identity and get a new one.

-          You are able to update your previous key to a new one , more powerful.