Seemba MENA's first esports tournaments platform just raised $200k.

The Tunisian-based startup that allows gamers and developers to monetize their games and expand their communities, has raised $200k from which $100k as a seed investment from the Oman Technology Fund (OTF).  Knowing that the gaming company has already been selected as one of most promising startups from Flat6labs Tunis and won $50k.

Founded in 2018, Seemba gives users the ability to participate in eSport tournaments from anywhere and at any moment, to challenge each other for real and virtual money, through a plug and play solution. Today , Seemba is selected as one of the top 10th video game startups in the Eu-startups.

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Seemba’s team are doing their best to make it an easy to use platform for players, and a smooth tool that game developers can integrate as quickly as possible.

By integrating the Unity 3D and the innovative API, Seemba will improve its collaborator's experience with crazy features, an easy integrations, notifications to get retention of their users with automated call to action, achievements, call back notifications, and an amazing alternative way to monetize their games.