Online marketing :

It’s good to concentrate on your name/identity on the internet, but putting so much effort will not help you grow. For a new startup, you’ll need funding, and focus  on social media won’t give you money.

By that, we don’t say that you don’t have to create contents on your blog or your pages, we only mean that you have to limit the time and energy spent on the online marketing and focusing on how to reach your goals.

Who will finance the idea?

The most important thing about financing your startup is the persons you are pitching to.

You can’t get a funding from an audience that’s not interested in your project , even if your pitch is excellent. So before preparing anything, know your audience! This way, you won’t lose time and energy.

Very optimistic revenue

While preparing your financial plan to ask for funding, don’t put the money needed to cover the whole start up needs, because you will find a huge number and investors will refuse to finance you.  Go step by step, and make some improvement every time.

Being alone

Taking all the responsibilities on your shoulders isn’t a good thing to show to the investors. If they don’t find a team working together, sharing the responsibilities of every department, they will run away.
And even you, won’t be able to handle every detail of your startup after a short period, so in order to keep working efficiently, you have to make a team.

Money lover

If you want to success you have to share everything, especially the profits. The team will make a good work that you can’t do by yourself, and so you have to thank them and share the benefits with them. Manage your ego and selfless!